The Bridge School

The Bridge School is a licensed private school, approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for secondary school education, special education and summer remediation. Through a variety of hands-on and experiential learning techniques, individualized educational plans, customized schedules and small classes with an average of eight students, The Bridge School strives to reengage students in the educational process. For many Bridge clients, The Bridge School represents the first opportunity they have had to learn new skills in an engaging setting that is supportive of individual learning differences.

The Bridge’s experienced teachers work with each student to design a highly structured, individualized educational program based on an initial educational assessment. The Bridge School curriculum includes mathematics, language arts, creative expression, reading, science, social studies, current events, life skills, physical education, health and nutrition education, music, art, vocational training and computer classes. Dynamic teachers, certified or pursuing certification in their fields of study teach the classes. Tutoring, individualized support and extra curricular activities that we call “Bridge Clubs” supplement the program. Bridge teachers employ engaging, relevant and culturally sensitive teaching materials.

Students earn school credits that will be honored by their home schools. Graduating seniors also may receive their diplomas while at The Bridge. Teachers work with each student to increase academic skills and develop appropriate educational goals, which may include: returning to their home schools at the appropriate level or the next highest level, attaining their GED, or preparing to continue post-secondary education in a two or four year college, a trade school or a vocational training program.

The Bridge’s Computerized Educational Program

The Bridge’s state-of-the-art Computer Learning Lab and educational software allow teachers to customize each lesson based on a student’s reading and math level, so he can work independently on the subject matter. The Bridge School also utilizes educational software, called The New Century Integrated Instructional System, which provides a computerized assessment of students’ educational levels and then tailors interactive lessons to their identified skill levels. Each educational module includes a diagnostic pre-test, several lessons and a post-test to confirm mastery of the unit objectives. The software generates regular reports on students’ academic progress and learning challenges. In addition, New Century allows teachers to conduct computerized lessons in more highly specialized areas that are dependent on sophisticated equipment (such as laboratory sciences), while assisting them to make all subject material more interactive and engaging.