Admissions Criteria and Process

Adolescent males between the ages of 14 and 18 with a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse diagnoses are eligible for services in The Bridge. All referrals to The Bridge come through the admissions department. Admissions staff conducts an intake psychosocial assessment that integrates psychiatric and substance abuse assessments. The Admissions Department also meets with family members to better understand the family’s role in the client’s substance abuse, its impact on his mental health issues and his developmental and family histories. The Bridge’s admissions director and clinical director review this assessment in conjunction with all other referral information before admission, to confirm the child’s appropriateness for the program. Each child also receives a physical examination and psychiatric screening within 72 hours, which includes a nursing assessment as well as a full physical examination. A urine drug screen is taken at admission.

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The following information is requested from any referring party:

  • Basic data regarding the identified client, family and significant others
  • The reason for the referral
  • Relevant historical information
  • Current psychological or psychiatric evaluation
  • Funding source
  • Discharge plan and discharge summary (following the termination of preceding treatment)

A referral to the program can be made by calling the program directly at 215.342.5000 ext. 218 or online:

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