My Life

My negative behaviors were trying to fit in. From hanging out with my brother, I saw him getting fast money and having fun, and I wanted that. I decided to start using drugs too. I didn’t realize how much it would affect my family and my community.

Now that I broke that cycle and I am sober, I want to help everyone else break the cycle too."

My drug use affected my family by causing me to lose their trust. They started to put dead bolts on their bed room doors. They would not leave the house with me there because they knew that I would rob them. They were scared and worried that they would wake up and have nothing because of my addiction. I realize now that what I was doing to them was not right because they are always there for me when I need them.

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My drug use also affected my community because people knew I was a thief, and I robbed. People did not want their children to hang out with me because of what I would do to get high. People looked at me like I was a bad influence because whoever hung out with me would start using drugs. People that I hung out with would try to fit in with me and my crowd. My friends would start going through the same cycle that I went through. I now realize that I was bringing people down with me to face the same struggle I am currently facing. I should have just struggled alone. Instead, people that followed me are also struggling, and now that I am sober they are making the same mistakes that I am now trying to avoid. I feel ashamed, but I can still help them break the cycle.

I realize now that my actions affected a lot of people’s lives. I feel that I could have just struggled by myself. I feel ashamed. Now that I broke that cycle and I am sober, I want to help everyone else break the cycle too.