In order to stay clean I need to start caring, change my decision making, and stop being selfish. Being that way was causing me to be lazy and arrogant. I need to change these things because it will never get me anywhere in life. Those behaviors led me to smoking, fighting, cheating, cutting school, and getting locked up. Then it finally led me to The Bridge which is a rehab.

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I got a bed time, can’t choose what I want to eat, and have to go to the bathroom when told. Now I’m working on my surroundings and the people I hang with. By me doing that, I can accomplish my long term goals like getting home passes, finishing my time at The Bridge, and eventually going to college. After completing this program, I’m getting a job. That way I can pursue my dreams as being a successful chemist or graphic designer. By knowing what I want to accomplish, it motivates me to get home to my family. I would like to return to the past positive things like taking care of my little brother, helping the elderly, and being an unpaid helper by doing things like cleaning up my community. When I was doing positive things, I wasn’t smoking at all. If I continue to do those things, hopefully I will succeed in life. Right now, I’m on the running team, and I’m having fun doing it. I just ran the Broad Street Run, and I stopped and looked down every block I knew but thinking about my motivations helped me continue the race. If this was the old me, I would have went home.

When I was doing positive things, I wasn't smoking at all. If I continue to do those things, hopefully I will succeed in life."

One of my biggest problems is saying no. I know I can say no because I have done it before. For instance, I said no when I was on probation, but I wasn’t consistent. Also, I can never succeed if I am incarcerated, so I need to get a job to occupy my time. Besides, I need to stop being sluggish, and I need to start working on things to change me. I really need to work on things that concern my future because it is 2010, and I don’t need to be doing the same things I have been doing, so it’s unquestionably time for a change.