Alumni Group

The Bridge's alumni group is an non-profit group of former Bridge residents who have come together to reach out to youth and other former residents to provide productive and effective resources.  These can be found here on our website and we encourage everyone to use them freely to gain access to a new future.

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Our alumni group consists of ex-juvenile delinquents who have had prior troubles which lead them to The Bridge and other facilities, but who are now productive citizens who have taken advantage of such programs and resources that have been put at their disposal.  We are dedicated and committed to using our knowledge and experience to ensure that our kids have the resources to withstand those tough obstacles that lay in the path to success.

We understand that life is hard because we have been down that road and we know that peer pressure could shadow positive outlooks on life, but we also know that if we could provide resources and show leadership we can give our youth a fighting chance.

Some of the current alumni group representatives are Daniel D., Jermaine T., Brian F., and Rahim G. to just name a few.  You can contact us at The Bridge at 215-342-5000 and ask for one of us or Terrant or Evan.

If you are a former resident and want to get involved, please contact us.  We need all of the positive people involved we can get.  Call us to find out our next alumni meeting date.



The Bridge students started volunteering at the Salvation Army on 10-29-11.  The kids had a great time and they are providing a great service to people in need.  We would all like to thank former student and current Alumni Member Rahim G. for making this happen. 



Some of the resources we are currently working on:

Help with obtaining jobs

Information to pursue college

Trade schools in and out of the Philadelphia region.